Bristol weather: What is the Met Office weather forecast this week, how cold will it get and will it snow?

Yellow weather warnings have been issued to a number of regions across the country, so what is the weather going to be like in Bristol?

The Met Office has issued a number of yellow weather warnings across the UK for tonight and tomorrow.

Has Bristol been affected? Here is everything you need to know.

Is there a weather warning for Bristol?

Luckily for Bristolians, the yellow weather warnings that have been issued by the Met Office do not impact Bristol.

Areas such as Manchester, Blackpool and the Merseyside region are currently covered by a yellow warning for strong winds - as is a section of Northern Ireland.

At the time of publication, there is no weather warning in or near the city of Bristol.

What has the Met Office said about the weather forecast for South West England?

The Met Office has issued the following statement in regards to the weather forecast for the South West region.

Tonight and Tomorrow

“It will be a rather windy day throughout Wednesday (April 6) with some heavy showers,” it reads.

“This evening will continue to be showery and windy, but the longer spells of rain will clear to the east by dawn.

“Thursday (April 7) will be breezy but bright, turning showery and windy in the afternoon with cloudy skies.

“Dry conditions are expected overnight, with highs of 12℃”.

Outlook for Friday and Saturday

“Staying on the cold side for Friday and Saturday with sunny spells, showers, and a risk of overnight frost.

“Sunday will be milder with clouds and some rainfall.”

What will the weather be like in Bristol this week?

Investigator Matthew Venn is seen in Bristol locations including the Harbourside in The Long Call

Tonight (April 6)

Cloudy skies with mild temperatures heading into the late evening.

A chance for more miserable and wet weather with the emergence of rainfall at 11 pm tonight.

Highs of 10℃.

Tomorrow (April 7)

A largely sunny day that will turn more cloudy heading towards the night time.

The start to the day will be bright, with sunshine expected to last from 7 am until 3 pm, with some short spells throughout the remainder of the day.

Temperatures towards the evening will start to plumett to cold levels, lows of 6℃ expected.

Highs of 10℃ overall.

Friday (April 8)

The day will be largely cloudy, but expect some patchy showers by the early evening (around 7 pm).

As a whole, the day is rather cold with lows of 5℃ and mild highs of 10℃.

The weekend (April 9 and 10)

Saturday is set to be sunny but changing to more cloudy skies in the afternoon.

Mild temperatures with highs of 11℃, but getting increasingly chilly heading overnight with lows of 2℃ and 6℃.

Whilst Sunday is forecasted to be cloudy all day with milder temperatures, staying consistently between 10-12℃ for most of the day.

Will it snow in Bristol this week?

Despite a number of weather experts predicting a cold snap to hit the country soon, snowfall is not set to hit Bristol or any surrounding areas this week.