The Bristol Monopoly Pub Crawl - cheapest to swankiest boozers in the city

Check out to see if your Bristol pub makes our version of the game board

Bristol is about to get a new version of Monopoly to celebrate the 650th anniversary of the city - and the game-makers are asking people to nominate landmarks they think should feature in the game, to be released in November.

But we had a better idea. What if the Monopoly instead featured only pubs in Bristol? Which ones reflect the luxury and taste of a blue Mayfair card. And which ones offer booze at a bargain to justify a brown Old Kent Road card.

Using our knowledge of pubs in the city, and the dozens of pub reviews we’ve published, we decided to have some fun and create a Monopoly board with only pubs. It must be said that this doesn’t define how good a pub is, or provide a rating of its offering - and some of these might be currently closed, such is the difficult time facing pubs right now.

Got a better suggestion? Email us at [email protected] - we’d love to hear what you think.

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