The Family Sex Show: Parents fume as sex play ‘for children ages 5+’ is set for Bristol theatre

‘Who’s getting the kick here? ‘Cos it ain’t the five-year-olds.’

A controversial play about sex aimed at children and their families is set to land at a Bristol theatre next month- but not before sparking outrage among some parents, who have branded the show ‘disturbing’ and ‘horrifying’.

The Family Sex Show, by Cambridge-based theatre company ThisEgg, is marketed as suitable for children aged 5+ and is set to run at the Bristol’s Factory Theatre in Southville from May 5-8.

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But the play has already attracted controversy a month before opening night thanks to the its questionable contents, which include adult nudity and stories about sexual pleasure based on the performers’ own experiences.

ThisEgg say the show is ‘an alternative to porn’ that has been carefully crafted in partnership with the School of Sexuality Education, going on to claim that sexual development and behaviour in children starts from birth.

The company hope that the show will equip younger viewers with a wider ‘critical toolkit’ while addressing important conversations around consent, boundaries, gender, queerness and relationships.

The whole idea has left some people upset, with dozens taking to social media and Mumsnet to express their concerns.

Fleur Elizabeth said she was ‘disturbed’ to hear about the show and it’s ‘full-on nudity’.

TV personality Sonia Poulton also got involved on Twitter, posting a video in which she said: “It is completely inappropriate.

“It’s alright for them to say the people on stage can take off their clothes to a level they feel comfortable, what about the children who have been dragged along by their parents and carers?

“Who has given them the opportunity to speak up and say they don’t want to be a part of this? Who’s getting the kick here? ‘Cos it ain’t the five-year-olds.”

But some parents were open to the show, including one Mumsnet user who said: “It’s not getting beamed directly into kids’ brains so get a grip.

“It’s up to the parent, it’s got to beat the old Family Circle booklet I was shown. If you’re worried go and see it first, if it’s inappropriate no parent will go.”

A spokesperson for ThisEgg said: “The Family Sex Show is a theatre show which opens up conversations around relationships. The show is being created with input and guidance from educational and safeguarding specialists.

“It is with an enormous sense of responsibility, compassion and caution towards young people and their parents that we consider this an important piece of theatre.

“For more information, visit”