Stunning loop walk in urban Bristol full of historical tales and a cheery Irish pub

Discover Narroways Nature Reserve which offers one of the best panoramic views of Bristol

One of the many beauties of Bristol is that the city holds so many cracks and crannies just waiting to be explored. Often, they are right in front of us - we just need a guide to help us find them and discover the stories inside.

On Thursday, I was searching for a short walk with my family in central Bristol which wasn’t the well trodden loop of the Harbourside. On website, I found a walk named Gas Lamps and Cut Throats in St Werburghs. I was intrigued. So I downloaded the PDF map and set out on a walk where we’d discover the incredible Narroways Nature Reserve for the first time - a hidden green pocket which offers one of the best panoramic views of the city.

Along the way I also learned about the city’s gas lamps, many still standing in this area, along with a grisly murder which led to the renaming of a pathway. There was also a chance to see St Werburghs City Farm, view some interesting homes and features in St Werburghs and finish off at a jolly Irish pub.

We did a shortened walk from the guide which was around three miles in length and started at St Werbughs Church. It took us along a pathway toward Ashley Hill, over the railway line and back on another path past allotments to St Werbughs City Farm. From there, we headed along Hopetourn Road, on to Boiling Wells Lane and up into Narroways Nature Reserve where we stopped for the incredible views. To finish, we went down Cut Throat Lane back to St Werburghs Church, before going a short distance to The Victoria in James Street.

Have a scroll through the gallery below for images along the walk

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