2021’s Best Vegan Advent calendars that even the kids will love

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway. Find out the best vegan friendly calendars and grab yours while you can...

Christmas in Bristol is coming round the corner fast. We all have our favourite traditions we look to all year round.

Some of these things change over time, and sometimes the magic of Christmas can be hard to come by but one thing that never changes is the excitement of opening that Advent calendar door every day.

We rounded up some of the best vegan friendly advent calendars on the market this year.

Pip and Nut!

Nut butter and chocolate - what’s better than that? 24 of them. Their very first advent calendar contains 24 full size nut butter chocolate cups. If you sign up you can get 10% off your first order.

Hotel Chocolate

Everyone’s favourite decadent chocolate has a range of different calendars including a rich dark and 100% vegan one. Why not give yourself a real treat this year?

Hotel Chocolate

Their brand new addition to their calendar line is 45% Nut Milk and just as delicious as their non-vegan milk chocolate counter product. The chocolates are a great size, coming in fun designs that leave you wanting more.

Divine Chocolate

This dark chocolate advent calendar can satisfy even the sweetest tooth. Not to mention the lovely design on the front!


This brand has been leading the way with vegan chocolate for a long time, so 24 of their best chocolates would be a dream come true. It’s made with all organic ingredients, and is fair trade and palm oil free! What’s not to love?

NOMO Chocolate

This adorable calendar is perfect for those who don’t want to give up milk chocolate for their calendar. NOMO specialises in vegan friendly milky chocolate. And their colourful designs will be a great addition to the mantelpiece.

NOMO Chocolate

If you’re looking to add a twist to your favourite chocolate calendar then look no further than the caramel chocolate version NOMO has added to their line of products this year.

Moo Chocolate

This dairy, soya and gluten free calendar also only contains 39% sugar compared to the usual 60% found in normal ones. It also has a really sweet design the kids are bound to love.

H!p Chocolate

This fast growing vegan company specialises in delicious chocolate, so of course their advent calendar is delicious. You can get 20% off your first order when you sign up too.

All the calendars listed are limited edition so be sure to act quick and grab yours while stocks last.