Why Brunel Way over the Plimsoll Swing Bridge in Bristol will close several times during nights until April 28

The bridge will be opened and closed a number of times each night

Brunel Way over the Plimsoll Swing Bridge will be shut for periods at nighttimes from now until April 28, Bristol City Council has said.

The closures will enable the bridge to be opened and closed a number of times each night, from 8pm to 4am, for maintenance work.

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The road will be open to traffic when swings are not happening, and any queued traffic will be let through after each swing.

The council says that during a swing, the signs around Plimsoll Swing Bridge will divert drivers along a diversion route.

Maintenance work will take place on the Plimsoll Bridge during nights up to April 28

A spokesperson said: “As part of our ongoing maintenance of highways and infrastructure in Bristol, we are carrying out investigations and maintenance on the Plimsoll Swing Bridge.

“We have chosen to undertake the work through the night in order to minimise disruption to residents and those travelling through the area.

“These investigations will help us to rectify any issues and, where necessary, update our emergency procedures to ensure this key piece of Bristol’s infrastructure can be opened and closed in different scenarios, including if and when there is a power or control failure.”