Weather in Bristol: Cloudy weather is on the cards for the last weekend before Christmas

There is going to be a lot of cloud around Bristol this weekend, here’s what the Met Office has forecast

This weekend is the last before Christmas and with just a week to go until the big day, there will be plenty of people heading out to finish off their Christmas shopping or grabbing a drink with friends and family.

Will the weather be kind to those of us heading outside?

Saturday looks set to start as it means to go on, with heavy cloud covering much of the city for most of the day.

The temperature shouldn’t drop too low, as a result of the cloud, and despite the gloomy conditions there is little chance of rain around.

There will be little change in the temperature through the night, and it will remain dry with light easterly winds of around five and six miles per hour.

Sunday will see the cloud stick around once again for most of the day, although there will be a slight drop in the temperature to that of Saturday.

By 9pm it may only feel like 2° C across may parts of Bristol.

The new week and the start of the final run up to Christmas will remain cloudy and temperatures will be a steady 5/6°C

Met Office summary for South West England


Many areas cloudy and grey throughout the day, with mist and murk in places. Sunny spells for Cornwall and skies possibly brightening in Devon, Somerset and Dorset through the afternoon. Maximum temperature 11 °C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Remaining dry and settled. Often cloudy but some sunshine in places and perhaps more widely by Tuesday. Risk of patchy freezing fog overnight and gradually turning colder with overnight frosts.