Easter 2022 weather Bristol: what is forecast for April bank holiday weekend and Easter school holidays?

What will the weather be like in Bristol for the Easter holidays 2022?

Easter 2022 is fast approaching which means that people are anxiously awaiting some much needed time off from work and school - but how is the weather looking?

The Easter holidays are a time for friends and family to spend time with each other as they cross their fingers in hope for some sunshine and warm temperatures.

Much of England, Wales and Scotland have already been basking in hot sunshine over the last seven days, as temperatures reached highs of 21℃.

This has raised hopes of a repeat of last year’s hot Easter weather, with some experts predicting a heatwave at the end of April.

So as things stand, are all Easter egg hunts and family days out on the beach still on? Let’s take a look.

When is the April bank holiday weekend?

In 2022, April bank holiday weekend will start on Good Friday - the commemoration of Jesus - on April 15.

The time off will then end on Easter Monday, which falls on April 18 in 2022.

When are the Easter school holidays?

The dates that school children break up from school for Easter will vary from school to school in Bristol.

The overall consensus is that the school holiday will start on Monday, April 11.

There is plenty of time to plan a short staycation or a number of fun activities around the city as school returns on Monday, April 25.

When is the April bank holiday weekend?

April bank holiday weekend will start on Good Friday which falls on April 15 in 2022.

The time off will then end on Easter Monday, which this year falls on April 18.

Here is what the weather will be like in Bristol over the Easter school holidays and April bank holiday weekend.

Easter school holidays and bank holiday weekend weather forecast

Easter in Bristol is not set to be as scorching hot as residents would have hoped - that is according to weather experts AccuWeather.

Here is the full weather forecast from April 15 to April 24.

Friday, April 15 - Cloudy and rainy (17℃)

Saturday, April 16 - Mostly cloudy (20℃)

Sunday, April 17 - Mostly cloudy with some rainfall (19℃)

Monday, April 18 - Cloudy and rainy (15℃)

Tuesday, April 19 - Increasing levels of sunshine (15℃)

Wednesday, April 20 - Cloudy (13℃)

Thursday, April 21 - Cloudy (13℃)

Friday, April 22 - Cloudy with showers (14℃)

Saturday, April 23 - Mostly sunny (13℃)

Sunday, April 24 - Cloudy (13℃)

Source: AccuWeather

*BOLD is Easter bank holiday weekend

What is the Met Office long-range weather forecast for the Easter school holidays?

“Likely remaining unsettled during the start of this period, with periods of rain and showers and likely brief drier interludes,” it reads.

“Showers may be heavy at times, some perhaps thundery with a chance of hail. Strong winds are also probable, particularly to the north and west.

“Towards late April, there are tentative signs of more settled conditions redeveloping, although rain and showers remain possible.

“Temperatures looking to be above average, especially in the south, and likely to be closer to average across the north.”