Bristol Weather: Will there be a UK heatwave in August 2022? What the Met Office says

Bristol Weather: Will there be a UK heatwave in August 2022? What the Met Office says

The Met office has forecasted heatwave-like weather to return to Bristol, as well as the rest of the United Kingdom this August.

July’s record-breaking heatwave sent panic across Bristol as the nation scrambled for shade.To the relief of residents across Bristol, the unbearable heat trailed off toward the end of July along with the extreme weather warnings.

However, Bristolians may have to step back into the shade as parts of the UK could see temperatures rise to a steamy 32℃ in August.

The Met Office has forecasted when the United Kingdom, including Bristol will see a return to the sweltering sun.

The South-west, often complemented for its sea-side breeze and mild temperatures, fell victim to the suffocating heat wave earlier this year. In Bristol, temperature exceeded 35 degrees for the first time in history.

A scorching 35.3℃ was felt by the city in the afternoon of Tuesday 19 July 2022. Previously, the record, recorded in 2006, was measured at 34.7℃ in Filton.

While the sun seems to be resting, Bristolians will be intrigued to find out the city could see another heatwave before kids go back to school. Temperatures look certain to return to the late 20℃’s.

BristolWorld is here to inform you all you need to know about the latest heatwave to hit the UK, including whether it will hit Bristol, how hot it will get and what the Met Office has said.

What is a heatwave?

A heatwave is a prolonged period of hot weather typically accompanied by high humidity.

Each country may define a heatwave differently, according to the expected temperature and weather conditions of that time of year.

According to the Met office, it is only a heatwave in the United Kingdom:

When a location records three consecutive days with a maximum temperature that exceeds the threshold (this varies depending on the county).

Bristol and the surrounding South West of England region has a threshold of 26℃

When is the heatwave expected to hit the UK?

Speaking to the Express, Tom Morgan - who is a meteorologist for the Met Office - confirmed that the country will indeed see the arrival of a heatwave this month.

Peak temperatures of the heatwave are expected to arrive around Friday, 12 August, right before the weekend.

What is the Met Office weather forecast for Bristol for the rest of this week?

Here is a daily breakdown of the Met Office weather forecast for Bristol this week, starting from Wednesday, 3 August 2022.

Wednesday, 3 August - Light rain changing to sunny intervals by lunch time (23℃)

Thursday, 4 August - Sunny (22℃)

Friday, 5 August - Sunny start to the day, changing to cloudy skies by 1 pm (22℃)

Saturday, 6 August - Sunny and intermittent clouds (22℃)

Sunday, 7 August - Sunny for entire day (24℃)

Monday, 8 August  - Sunny (26℃)

Tuesday, 9 August - Sunny (27℃)

Will Bristol experience a heatwave in August 2022?

According to data supplied by WXCharts, hotter temperatures are definitely expected to arrive in Bristol and across the south-west around Monday, 8 August to Thursday, 11 August 2022.

Higher temperatures and pressures will hit the city during this period. Bristol could see a mini-heatwave of 29C.

What is the Met Office long range weather forecast for Bristol?

The Met Office has issued a long range weather forecast for the entirety of the UK for the period from Sunday 7 August to Tuesday, 16 August 2022:

“Most places are likely to see mainly settled weather at the start of this period, with a mix of cloud and sunny spells across the country,” it reads.

Most important to note for residents of Bristol is that temperatures are expected to be “very warm” and “hot” in southern parts of the UK:

“Temperatures remain above average widely, with further spells of very warm weather possible.”

The Met Office also expects dry weather across the country.