Voi e-scooter in Bristol clocks almost 3,000 miles - making it the most well-travelled in the world

The electric e-scooter has travelled the equivalent distance from Bristol to Azerbaijan

The most well-travelled Voi e-scooter is in Bristol, the company has revealed.

Voi Technologies run schemes in 11 different countries with e-scooters available to hire in 18 cities just in England.

And the e-scooter which has gone the furtherest belongs in Bristol - and the company has revealed a heat map of the scooter - number 8Q2Q - just to prove it.

The scooter has covered close to 3,000 miles and serviced over 1,700 rides since hitting the streets 15 months.

The heat map shows it has mostly spent its time in the city centre, but it has also gone north into Filton, east as far as Emersons Green and south into Bishopsworth.

In total, Bristol’s Voi riders have taken three and a half million rides and have covered over five million miles since trials began in October 2020.

Map showing where the e-scooter has travelled around Bristol

Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees said: “The Voi e-scooter trial has had a massive impact on the city and has translated into the replacing of thousands of short car journeys.

“People in the West of England are really choosing e-scooters as an alternative mode of transport and it’s now become a habit and a norm.”

The Voi e-scooters have had more than 3 million rides in Bristol since launch 15 months ago

However, it hasn’t all been good news for the company with concerns raised over safety and the risk of fire in recent months.

The trial of the rental e-scooters was initially supposed to be for a year, but it has been extended for at least another six months, to March 2022.

A decision will be made on making it permanent by The West of England Combined Authority.