Tesco to block Brislington supermarket car park entrances with vans to stop ‘intolerable’ car meets

Tesco has issued a statement after the temporary move was announced by a local ward councillor

Vans will be parked to block off entrances to a Tesco supermarket car park in a bid stop ‘intolerable’ car meets when the store is closed.

The measure will be taken by Tesco at its Extra store in Callington Road, Brislington, on Sunday evenings, the company confirmed to BristolWorld.

It followed discussions between the store manager and Brislington West ward councillors Jos Clark and Andrew Varney - triggered after a car meet at the car park last Sunday (February 6).

Councillor Clark announced the move in a post on Facebook.

She said: “If you live near the store you will be only too aware that Sunday nights have become intolerable with cars meeting in the car park.

“Cllr Andrew Varney and I have been working with the store manager to try and get this situation sorted out.

“After last Sunday’s meet the situation came to a head and the store manager realised that they have to do something quickly to resolve the situation.”

Tesco is to park a van at the entrance to its car park to stop car meets in the car park

She said Tesco had agreed to fit barriers to the car park entrances to close the site after store closure on Sunday evenings.

However, before then the supermarket will position vans at the car park entrances.

Councillor Clark said: “I hope this will help the situation for all who have been affected.”

Car meets in the area are also on the radar of Avon and Somerset Police’s Brislington West neighbourhood team, which has made the issue its current priority.

A spokesperson said: “There has been several car meets at retail parks within the Brislington area causing anti social behaviour to local residents.”

The Tesco Extra store in Callington Road in Brislington

BristolWorld approached Tesco, which confirmed the move to block off its car park outside store opening times.

A spokesperson said: “We are aware that recently there have been some gatherings of motorists in the car park of our Brislington Extra store outside of store opening hours, and our store manager has met with the ward councillor to discuss residents’ concerns.

“We are working closely with the neighbourhood policing team and taking temporary measures to help deter antisocial behaviour, while we evaluate longer-term measures that can be put in place.”

The announcement by Councillor Clark hasn’t proved popular with everyone, however.

Some replied to say the move would only move the problem elsewhere, while others said they were not concerned over the noise generated from the gatherings.