South Bristol councillor welcomes council’s plans to set up cameras at junction where man died in Hartcliffe

Keith Pullin died when he was struck by a car at the junction of Hareclive Road and Anton Bantock Way

A South Bristol councillor has welcomed proposals to install an enforcement camera at a site in Hartcliffe where a pedestrian was killed in 2017.

Keith Pullin was killed when he was struck by a car at the junction of Hareclive Road and Anton Bantock Way while on his way to a dentist appointment.

Bristol City Council has drawn up plans to introduce cameras at the junction, and five other sites including King Georges Road and Queens Road junction, in Withywood, a move backed by Labour Cllr Kerry Bailes.

Cllr Kerry Bailes has been leading a campaign for a traffic enforcement camera at Anton Bantock Way and says dangerous driving at the junction has continued despite the Keith’s death.

Cllr Bailes said: “I’m very pleased to announce the council is looking to install a traffic camera on the Anton Bantock Way/Hareclive Road junction.

Drivers persistently make illegal turns onto Hareclive Road, as after that junction it takes some time before they can make a turn off the link road.


“I know from my conversations with local residents that people are desperate for some road safety measures on this junction.

“There have been at least 12 crashes on the wider junction in the past few years – one of which was serious and another one fatal.

“Hartcliffe residents will know Keith Pullin, who was killed in a road traffic accident there when a driver made an illegal turn.

“Sadly, with no enforcement measures, it seemed only a matter of time until this tragedy was repeated.”

Sites earmarked for enforcement cameras in Bristol

The other sites earmarked for cameras include:


  • Hockey’s Lane and Fishponds Road junction, Fishponds (signal-controlled junction)
  • King Georges Road and Queens Road junction, Withywood (signal-controlled junction)
  • Lower Redland Road between Elgin Park and Exeter Buildings, Redland (one way)
  • Furber Road between Raeburn Road and St Anne’s Road, St George (one-way)
  • Bath Bridge Roundabout and Cattle Market Road junction (signal-controlled junction)

The council is currently holding a consultation on the proposed enforcement cameras.