Six new enforcement camera set to be installed across city to stop dangerous drivers - locations revealed

Six cameras could be installed across the city

Several enforcement cameras could be installed at busy junctions across Bristol as the city’s council looks to combat dangerous drivers.

One proposed camera would be installed at the Fishponds Road and Hockey’s lane junction in Fishponds - a known hotspot for illegal turns as motorists try to cut down their time on a trip to the surrounding supermarkets.

Frome Vale councillor, Amal Ali has lobbied Bristol City Council to take action as he feared a pedestrian or cyclist could be injured by motorists taking illegal left turns.

Cllr Amal Ali believes residents could be seriously injured by dangerous drivers at the Hockey’s Lane / Fishponds Rd junction.

Cllr Ali said: “I am very pleased the Council is applying to install an enforcement camera on the Hockey’s Lane junction.

Drivers frequently make illegal turns onto Hockey’s Lane from Fishponds Road so they can access a shorter route to the local shops.


“These turns are banned for good reason – pedestrians crossing the road and cyclists going down Fishponds Road risk being hit by reckless drivers.”

Bristol residents are encouraged to take part in an online consultation, which runs until November 1, on whether to install six cameras at problem locations across the city.

These locations allegedly regularly see drivers driving through a ‘No Entry’ sign, going the wrong way in a one-way street, turning left or right when not permitted and driving when vehicles are not allowed.

They include the junction of the junction of Hareclive Road and Anton Bantock Way where Keith Pullen died after being hit by a car in 2017. Local councillor Kerry Bailes has campaigned for a traffic camera to be installed on behalf of Mr Pullen’s family.

Cllr Ali added: “Having a camera there will hopefully mean drivers think twice about carelessly ignoring rules, so this will make a dangerous crossing in my ward much safer.”

The six sites which could have an enforcement camera installed.


The following six sites have been earmarked by the council for enforcement cameras:

  • Hockey’s Lane and Fishponds Road junction, Fishponds (signal-controlled junction)
  • King Georges Road and Queens Road junction, Withywood (signal-controlled junction)
  • Lower Redland Road between Elgin Park and Exeter Buildings, Redland (one way)
  • Furber Road between Raeburn Road and St Anne’s Road, St George (one-way)
  • Bath Bridge Roundabout and Cattle Market Road junction (signal-controlled junction)
  • Hareclive Road and Anton Bantock Way junction, Withywood (signal-controlled junction)