Fresh calls for traffic camera at South Bristol ‘accident hotspot’ where pedestrian was killed

A councillor is worried there could be more fatalities there

A Bristol councillor has escalated calls for a traffic camera to be installed at the scene of a fatal crash in Hartcliffe.

Councillor Kerry Bailes said the move would ‘finally bring some justice’ to the family of Keith Pullen who was hit by a car and killed at the junction of Hareclive Road and Anton Bantock Way in 2017.

According to Coun Bailes the junction is an accident hotspot and ‘busier than ever’ after another school and the South Bristol Link Road were built, leading to concerns that there could be another fatality.

Keith Pullen, described as a ‘lovely person all round’ in tributes, tragically died after being hit by a car at the Hareclive Road junction.

Speaking to BristolWorld, Coun Bailes said: “There are accidents at the junction all the time - whether or not they get reported, I don’t know, but something must be done.

“It’s a very busy intersection, particularly during pick up and drop off times with all the various schools in the area and Hartcliffe Children’s Centre.”

It is hoped that installing a traffic camera would deter drivers from making dangerous and illegal turns onto Antock Bantock Way from one side of Hareclive Road.

After the Government recently handed over new powers to local authorities allowing them to enforce illegal turns, Coun Bailes asked at Full Council on July 5 if a camera would be put up at the junction as a priority.

Responding to her question, the Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees said: “Officers are currently working through the list of requirements needed in order to make an application to the Department for Transport to enable Moving Traffic Enforcement to take place in Bristol.

“The DfT will consider new applications at the end of 2022. An initial list of possible sites that could be enforced by these powers is being developed based on known non-compliance.

“The site at Hareclive Road and Anton Bantock Way will be added to this list for consideration and any site where there has been a fatal accident will be strongly considered.”

Coun Bailes said she was satisfied with the response and was ‘confident’ action would be taken, particularly in light of Keith’s Pullen’s tragic death in 2017.

Mr Pullen was hit by a car at the junction near Lidl on May 18 of that year, and died in hospital a few weeks later on June 2.

The 49-year-old was described in tributes as ‘a very lovely person, inside and out’.

“Keith was just a pedestrian heading to the dentist when he was killed, it could have happened to any of us,” added Coun Bailes.

“I’ve been campaigning for a traffic camera at the junction since Keith’s death, working with his family and partner Georgina. They say that having a camera there would finally bring them some justice.”

Coun Bailes added that were also plans to plant a tree at the spot where Keith was killed, as well as a commemorative plaque for which fundraising was ongoing.