Police officer saves life of student found unconscious in pond at Oldbury Court Estate

He’s been praised for his bravery

A Bristol police officer had described the moment he helped pull an unconscious student from a pond at the Oldbury Court Estate and immediately performed CPR, saving the young man’s life.

PC Adam Jones has since been recognised with a top award for his actions that night in December 2020.

He and a colleague had received concerns for the welfare of a 19-year-old student who had been located in the pond by other police officers.

PC Jones and his colleague ran through pitch-black woodland with their torches to assist them, and it was only because PC Jones had by coincidence attended another incident at the same location that he knew where to go.

PC Jones said: “It was December so a very dark night and cold.

“When we got there, the male seemed to be breathing so we dragged him out and I carried out a primary search.

“But by the time we pulled him out, he wasn’t breathing anymore. I immediately commenced CPR.

“The ambulance arrived a short time later, but it goes to show that it’s vital that police are trained in First Aid, as we are often the first on scene.

“Paramedics arrived soon afterwards but if we hadn’t got to him in time and performed CPR, I’m not sure he’d still be with us.”

PC Jones said he had been contacted by the family of the student informing him that he had come out of a coma and was doing well.

“That was really great to hear,” PC Jones added. “We get called out to so many incidents but it’s not often you find out how the people you helped are doing at a later date.”

PC Jones is one of nine officers to be recognised for his efforts with a Royal Humane Society Award, which recognises acts of bravery while saving human life.

Recipients were presented with accolades in front of their friends and family at the Avon and Somerset Force Awards, which was attended by Chief Constable Sarah Crew, Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Shelford, and High Sheriff of Bristol, Jennifer Duke, on April 5.

PC Adam Jones receives his award from Chief Constable Sarah Crew, Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Shelford and High Sheriff of Bristol, Jennifer Duke.

PC Jones, who lives in Kingswood, joined Avon and Somerset Police at 25 after completing a degree in Crimonology.

He said: “I’ve wanted to be in the police since I was 14. My dad, who was with me at the ceremony, was in the Navy which influenced that goal. I’ve always been quite service-oriented.

“I honestly look forward to going to work every day and I feel very lucky that I get to investigate crime, help others and sometimes save lives for a living.”