Parking at Bristol Airport: Drop-off charge to rise to £5 - almost twice the price of Cardiff Airport

The cost of stopping for 10 minutes at Bristol Airport will be almost twice the price of Cardiff Airport

<p>Bristol Airport: Where the cost of parking is increasing from November 16</p>

Bristol Airport: Where the cost of parking is increasing from November 16

Parking charges at Bristol Airport will go up next week - with the cost of dropping a passenger off rising to a minimum £5.

The tariffs for short-stay parking and pick-up will also increase from November 16.

The airport said the rise in prices was a commercial decision aimed at reducing financial losses after operations had been impacted by the pandemic.

The move marks a quick rise in the cost of using the airport’s drop and go area, with it costing just a £1 for up to 10 minutes until 2019.

But in that year it increased to £3, before rising to £4 last year.

From November 16, it will cost £5 for up to 10 minutes at the drop and go, £7 for 10 to 20 minutes, up from £6, and £10 for 20 to 40 minutes, up from £9.

That is almost double the price of Cardiff Airport, where it costs £3 to park up to 10 minutes.

The price of using the short stay and pick-up at Bristol Airport will also increase from £3.50 to £5 for up to 20 minutes stay.

For stays of between 20 and 40 minutes, it will cost £7, up from £6, and for between 40 and 60 minutes £10, up from £9.

In a statement the airport said: “Like other UK airports, Bristol Airport has been significantly impacted by the pandemic and this price increase is a commercial decision to reduce financial losses.

“The cost of using our Drop & Go car park for a ten-minute stay will increase from £4 to £5, reflecting our intention for this area to see a rapid turnover of vehicles rather than longer stay lengths, which causes congestion within the confined number of spaces available.

“Higher costs will be placed on ‘kiss and fly’ journeys to the airport, which are the most inefficient form of transport and the highest generators of car traffic, encouraging the use of more sustainable forms of transport to the Airport, including public transport.”

Blue Badge customers will still be able to use the zone for 30 minutes free of charge.