Great Bristol Run 2022: Family, 10k and half marathon routes - best places in the city to watch the race

If you wan’t to get involved without breaking a sweat, we’ve rounded up the best vantage points

With months of fundraising and training drawing to a close, it won’t be long before the iconic Bristol Run 2022: Sisters running for breast cancer victim to wear breast costumes">Great Bristol Run returns to the city for 2022.

The morning of Sunday, September 25 will see around 10,000 runners line up on 10k and half marathon start lines before setting off on a picturesque running tour of the city.

But it won’t be just runners heading to the route, with thousands of spectators also expected to take to the streets of Bristol to cheer on this year’s participants.

Whether you’re planning to line to the track to cheer on loved ones or want to catch a glimpse of the athletes involved, you’ll be looking for a top vantage spot to watch runners in action. BristolWorld has you covered.

Great Bristol Run 2022: What are the routes?

The event features three different routes to cater to runners of all ages and abilities.

The first is the The Family Run, also known as ‘The Family Mile’. The route starts at Anchor Road and does a loop through Colston Avenue, Christmas Street and St Augustine’s Parade.

A map of the child-friendly ‘Family Mile’ taking place as part of the Great Bristol Run.

The route for the 10k starts in the city going through the waterfront, crossing to go to Spike Island, through Wapping Wharf, looping around Queen Square and from there going to Redcliffe, Castle Park, the Old City and ending on Anchor Road.

A map of the Great Bristol Run’s 2022 10k route through the city.

The route for the half marathon goes past the waterfront, along the Avon Gorge passing under Clifton Suspension Bridge and meeting the 10kers at Spike Island and continuing on from there.

A map of the event’s gruelling half marathon route.

Best place to watch Great Bristol Run 2022

The Great Bristol Run route spans for 13.1 miles across the city, with a myriad of road closures planned.

The general advice is to plan ahead, and to get to your vantage point early to avoid disappointment.

Start and finish line

One of the best and most sought-after areas to watch the race is Anchor Road near Millennium Square, where all three routes start and finish.

With many looking to get in on that pre-race buzz and greet their loved ones at the finish line this area will be busy, so try to head there earlier if it’s your choice of viewing spot.

The Portway

Another prime spot for watching the run is the Portway, which forms the bulk of the half marathon route and spans underneath one of Bristol’s finest sights, the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Although it’s a prime viewing spot, the Portway is one of Bristol’s longest roads so you should be able to find space to stand, provided you head there early.


If you’d rather take a seat to watch, you could do worse than the Harbourside which the race passes at various points.

The Great Bristol Half Marathon route takes runners through the city centre

The area is dotted with some of the city’s best cafes, bars and restaurants on the waterfront and is the perfect place to cheer runners on with a drink or two.

Queen’s Square

Another great choice for spectators is Queen’s Square. The park’s grassy areas provide lots of space to sit and stand while taking in the stunning Georgian-era buildings that surround it.

Castle Park

If you’re looking to rock up with a picnic, head to the historic Castle Park, especially if the weather is good.

As runners pass through the huge park close to the finish line, it’s a great spot to blare out some last-minute encouragement.

Will you be among those to take part in 2022?

Five ‘activation zones’ dotted along the route

For spectators looking to enjoy a party atmosphere while watching the race, there are five ‘activation’ or music zones along the Great Bristol Run 2022 route:

Heart Radio will be providing start line tunes with a DJ on the decks at Anchor Road near Millennium Square.

Powerthru are aiming to provide a ‘carnival atmosphere’ at their activation point at the junction of of Merchants Road and Brunel Lock Road, featuring samba and rhumba music.

Pump it Up! will be keeping runners ‘pumped up’ by blasting out throwback tunes between Cumberland Road and Wapping Road.

Map shows where ‘activation points’ will be dotted along the route to help keep runners motivated.

Beats Boost will be playing songs from the 00s on the Counterslip near St Phillip’s Bridge as runners hit the 11 mile mark.

People’s Playlist will feature tunes selected by the runners themselves, near the junction of Colston Avenue and Small Street, to help power runners through to the finish line.

For more information on the Great Bristol Run including start times and travel advice, visit the event’s website.