Easton named the fastest-selling area in the country for property by Rightmove

It is closely followed by Brislington and Mangotsfield in the the ‘strongest sellers’ market’ list

<p>Property prices have risen 7% in Easton according to Rightmove</p>

Property prices have risen 7% in Easton according to Rightmove

Easton has been named the strongest sellers’ market of 2021 by Rightmove - with ‘not enough houses to sell’ according to one local estate agent.

Analysis of the online retail property portal showed eight out of every 10 properties put up for sale over the year in the inner city neighbourhood had been marked sold subject to contract.

It left just 17% of properties listed available.

Meanwhile, the average asking price over the year had risen 7% from last year to £299,072.

Also in list published by Rightmove was Brislington, which came sixth, while Mangotsfield, a village on the outskirts of Bristol in South Gloucestershire, was third.

A strong sellers’ market refers to an area where a high proportion of the homes that have come to market have found a buyer, and have therefore been marked sold subject to contract.

Across the country, an increase in buyer demand, led to seven in every 10 homes on Rightmove finding a buyer this year. This compared to just two in 2012.

Tim Bannister, Rightmove’s director of property data, said: “This year, sellers in Great Britain have had a better chance of finding a buyer for their home than at any time over the past decade.

“A staggering statistic is that seven in ten properties for sale have been marked sold subject to contract this year, compared to two out of ten in 2012, highlighting both the speed and efficiency of the housing market.

“Managing short supply with high buyer demand has been a challenge for agents across Great Britain this year, and while the level of stock per agent is at record lows, the jump in number of people getting in touch with an agent to have their home valued suggests some fresh choice for buyers next year.”

Easton-based Central Estate Agents said there were many reasons Easton had become a popular place to buy.

A worker at the estate agent in Stapleton Road said a house costing £250,000 a year ago now cost £350,000.

Easton features many good restaurants like Msala Library - 459th out of 1,156 restaurants in Bristol according to TripAdvisor

The area boasts a variety of long-established businesses such as Sweet Mart and Pak Butchers.

It has the popular St Marks Community Cafe and there is plenty of colourful street art brightening up the area.

The worker added: “There is a good community - you have street parties, holy festivals and good independent shops. People come and they like it, and word gets around.

“We are always looking for properties - there are not enough houses to sell.”

According to Rightmove, homes priced at £250,000 or below were the best performing for sellers across the country this year with 76% of homes finding a buyer and being marked sold subject to contract.

At the other end of the scale, properties struggled to sell most in Hoxton in London, followed by Aberdeen and Chelsea.