Disabled Deliveroo rider gets new specially-adapted bike after £6k fundraiser

David Cappalletti has been out of work since his last bike was stolen and trashed

A well-known disabled Deliveroo rider is back at work after receiving a replacement scooter - two months after his last one was stolen and trashed.

The red motorised wheelchair for father-of-three David Cappalletti was paid for thanks to the generosity of people who raised more than £6,000 on a GoFundMe page, following the theft in May.

Back at work for the first time on Saturday (May 14) following the delivery of his bike, the 33-year-old said: “I’m extremely happy for being able to get back to work, and grateful for all the help and support from everyone.”

Mr Cappalletti’s bike was stolen from his home in Eastville on March 10. It was later discovered damaged near the Bristol to Bath Railway Path in Staple Hill.

David Cappalletti back at work in his new specially adapted scooter

The theft meant the rider was unable to work, having delivered for Deliveroo and Uber in Bristol for almost three years.


But friend Felipe Chagas, who is also a delivery rider, quickly started a fundraising page in the hope £5,000 could be raised for a new scooter and to help with costs while out of work.

Damage to the bike found in Staple Hill after being stolen from David Cappalletti’s home

Amazingly, £6,125 was raised thanks to 384 donations from as far away as New Zealand and Austrria.

The money paid for the new bike, which was made by Alex Motorcycles and is the same colour and style as the stolen one.