Worst 10 neighbourhoods for vehicle crime outside Bristol city centre

The number of vehicle crimes by neighbourhood in the Bristol region across 2022 has been revealed. Figures from data.police.uk show the number of offences recorded in each ward by Avon and Somerset Police.

Vehicle crime includes aggravated vehicle taking, theft from a motor vehicle, intereference with a motor vehicle and unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle. The data only includes offences reported to police, when a crime reference is given to the victim.

Social media groups for some areas of Bristol, including Kingswood, have seen CCTV related to vehicle crime shared with a warning to other people. However, police have been asking people to avoid publicly sharing images of suspects, as it could hamper investigations.

This list below is the 10 areas in Bristol outside the city centre with the highest number of vehicle crime incidents recorded. For context, the worst area, including the city centre, was city centre and Queen’s Square, which saw 350 vehicle crimes recorded in 2022.