Covid-19 booster jabs in Bristol: Who can have it and where to get one

Walk-in centres are open to people to get the booster jab in Bristol this week

Walk-in centres in Bristol are currently offering the booster jab
Walk-in centres in Bristol are currently offering the booster jab
Walk-in centres in Bristol are currently offering the booster jab

People aged 40 and over are now eligible for a Covid booster jab in Bristol and there is no need to book, the NHS has said.

Residents can get a booster at a walk-in centre if it has been six months since their second vaccine dose.

It comes as the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is expected to recommend the expanding of the booster programme today.

The Government advisory group is also expected to say the gab before a third dose should be shortened.

Nine cases of the Omicron variant have been found in the UK so far, leading to extra measures likely to be introduced to contain it.

They include the mandatory wearing of face masks in shops and on public transport.

However, the Government has stopped short of issuing advice to work from home and extending vaccine passports in England.

What is a booster jab?

A booster jab is an additional dose of a vaccine given after the protection provided by the original shots begins to decrease overtime.

It is designed to help people maintain their level of immunity to the virus for longer

Who can get a booster jab?

People can get a booster jab from a walk-in site if it has been six months, or 182 days, since a second dose of a vaccine, and they are aged 40 and over.

Younger people aged 16 and over can also get a booster jab if they have a health condition that puts them at high risk from Covid-19.

Where can I get one?

Walk-in vaccinations sites offering booster jabs have been set up in Bristol, they are at:

Cabot Circus, next to Five Guys and Claire’s, Broadmead. BS1 3BD

Thursday, December 2 - 10am to 7pm

Friday, December 3 - 10am to 7pm

Saturday, December 4 - 10am to 7pm

Bristol Rapid Testing Centre, Wellington Road, Bristol. BS2 9DA

Tuesday, November 30 - 9am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 5pm