Bristol weather: What’s the weather forecast for Bristol, what’s the Met Office saying & how warm will it get?

Will Bristolians get to bask in the warm sunshine this week? This is the weather forecast for Bristol during the week commencing Monday, 6 June.

The Met Office weather forecast for Bristol this week will have residents clinging onto hopes for time spent outdoors with friends and family, or maybe a weekend barbeque.

Weather experts are predicting some rather nice weather to arrive on the soil of South West England over the course of the next few days, with hot-tempered temperatures and regular sunshine.

But is that actually the case? Will Bristol see some good weather once again? Here is everything you need to know about what the weather will be like in Bristol for the week commencing Monday, 6 June 2022.

What is the weather forecast for Bristol this week?

Experts at the Met Office have released their weather forecast for the Bristol region this week, predicting dry conditions and sunny spells.

Temperatures will have warm highs of 21℃ with not much rainfall expected overall - how amazing is that?!

The following is the daily weather forecast in Bristol for the week starting Monday 6 June 2022:

  • Monday, 6 June: Sunny throughout the day, cloudy at night time - highs of 19℃
  • Tuesday, 7 June: Misty in the early morning, changing to sunny intervals throughout the rest of the day - highs of 21℃
  • Wednesday, 8 June: Cloudy and wet beginning to the day with light showers by early morning, sunny periods - highs of 18℃
  • Thursday, 9 June: Sunny intervals throughout the day, dry conditions, becoming cloudier around lunchtime - highs of 19℃
  • Friday, 10 June: Overcast to start with light showers by morning, fairly bright with some sunny periods for the rest of the day - highs of 19℃
  • Saturday, 11 June: Sunny intervals and dry throughout the day - highs of 19℃
  • Sunday, 12 June: Sunny intervals and dry throughout the day - highs of 18℃

What is the Met Office long-range weather forecast?

Traditional Georgian houses seen on a sunny day in the centre of Bristol.

Experts at the Met Office have issued the following statement of its long-range weather forecast from Sunday, 11 June until Monday, 20 June.

“The weekend should see drier and more settled weather in the south and east, with wetter and windier conditions further north, especially the northwest,” it reads.

“Showers could become thundery with hail at times, and there is also a potential for gales.

“At the start of the following week there is a risk of further thundery showers moving over the southeast, leaving the north with sunny spells and the odd shower.

“However, the unsettled weather may return to the west at the end of the period and the east and southeast may see drier and brighter conditions.

“Temperatures likely to be near to normal, perhaps slightly cooler in the north and west, and later, the south may become slightly warmer than average.”

What activities can I do in and around Bristol during warm weather?

If for one of the numerous dry and warm days expected in Bristol this week you wish to spend time with friends and family, there are a range of different pastimes and activities to take advantage of across the city and the South West.

Whether it be visiting the local aquarium, taking a wander through some great springtime walks and trails, going on a treasure hunt or much much more - Bristol has plenty to offer.

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