Bristol Eurovision 2023: Three reasons why our city should host next year’s song contest

Let’s make it happen

Bristol’s chances of hosting next year’s Eurovision Song Contest just improved slightly with the announcement today (July 25) that the competition will be held in the UK.

And so with that, and in support of Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees’ bid launched on July 9, we make our case for why the BBC should turn to the unofficial capital of the West Country to hold the ‘Olympics of music’ .

The current plan is for the event to be held at the iconic Brabazon Hangars in Filton. Rees described the hangars as ‘the perfect site where we can custom build the perfect Eurovision Song Contest’.

And he said Bristol’s role as a ‘City of Sanctuary’ made it the right match for the show.

Here’s our case in three points:

The people

Bristol is simply alive with creativity. The city’s creative economy has boomed recently and is currently bringing in all kinds of talent from across the country, and the world.

So if we can produce the best amination (Wallace and Grommit) or the first ever retail yard made from converted shipping containers (Wapping Wharf), we’ve got to be capable of transforming the old hangars into an amazing musical space that will remembered forever.

The cascade steps form part of the rejuvenated Bristol Harbourside - an example of creativity through infrastructure in Bristol

And when it comes to television experience, the city has the second largest media hub in the UK after London.

Around 200 film and TV production and post-production companies are right here, ready to share their expertise in making it all right on the night as millions tune in to watch the song contest.

The hospitality

There’s a reason why Bristol is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, and it is not just because of our popular attractions. Our city is a happy place where people want to come to visit.

That also means we have dozens of top hotels, plus hundreds of Airbnbs. It means that when it comes to hosting a major event, we’re well on our way to having it covered in term of accommodation.

Already, Bristol Hoteliers’ Association has welcomed the bid as a ‘remarkable opportunity’.

Copenhagen turned an abandoned shipyard into a location for Eurovision - Bristol can do the same with its hangars

And what about our incredible range of restaurants, bars and regular events - our city would be just perfect to cater visitors from all across Europe, and the world, for such a huge event.

Frankly, it is our turn to shine

We deserve this.

In 2002, Bristol launched a big to be named the European Capital of Culture. More than 10 years later, the city applied to be named Europe’s first Green Capital. We lost both to Liverpool and Stockholm respectively.

Without a music arena currently and Ashton Gate shared for sporting events, too often we have to travel to Cardiff or Birmingham to see major music acts.

And although the UEFA Women’s EUROs is taking place in England right now, Southampton is the closest people can watch a game.

This is our turn to show the UK everything we have to offer.