Bristol City Council statement after travellers set up camp at Greville Smyth Park in south Bristol

Trespass notices have been served

A small group of travellers have set up camp at park in south Bristol.

The collection of several caravans arrived at Greville Smyth Park early in the week, and have since been visited by Bristol City Council’s Gypsy, Roma Traveller Team.

The authority has also served trespass notices - the first step in a process which can lead to a possession order and a warrant for eviction from the land.

The park has three football pitches, tennis courts and five outdoor exercise stations. Friends of Greville Smyth Park help look after the area.

The city council last night issued a statement. It said: “We are aware that an unauthorised encampment of Gypsy Travellers has set up in Greville Smyth Park.

Bristol City Council has issued trespass notices in relation to the encampment


“The council’s Gypsy, Roma Traveller Team visited the site yesterday morning to issue trespass notices, carry out a welfare assessment and offer pitches at our transit site in Avonmouth before instigating legal proceedings.”

The transit site in Avonmouth has 20 pitches and is used for gypsies and travellers moving to and from Bristol for work.

Residents are allowed to stay here for up to three months at a time.