Blaise High School: Parents confront headteacher amid protest at school gates

Parents of pupils at Blaise High School staged a protest outside the school gates

Unhappy parents confronted a headteacher outside the school gates to demand a meeting over issues they have with the running of the school.

Blaise High School, in Henbury, recorded more than double the number of suspensions than any other school in Bristol, in 2020/21- but it isn’t just discipline that parents are concerned about.

Today (September 12), they held banners which said ‘we want answers’ and ‘rules not deprivation’ outside the school in Station Road.

They claim there is a lack of Special Educational Needs (SEN) and mental health support for students, children no longer feel safe inside the school, and ‘militant’ rules are in place, leading to hundreds of students being suspended.

One parent of a Year 11 child, who wished to not be named, explained why she attended the protest. They said: “My daughter is one of the lucky ones but she is coming home so upset and angry.

“Her friends are being sent home from school for wearing the wrong trousers during a time when many cannot afford uniform when the cheap options sell out.

Blaise High School’s headteacher was confronted by angry parents during a protest outside the school gates.

“But the uniform is not the real issue - the problem is, across the board, SEN provisions are being removed and there is no longer clear support for SEN students.”

Blaise High School appointed Nat Nabarro as headteacher ahead of this academic year.

Shortly after 3pm, he appeared outside a side entrance where parents gathered around him to ask questions - but after a short discussion he walked back inside the school.

Speaking afterwards, Sharon Hud, who helped organise the protest, told Bristol World they would ‘most definitely’ stage further protests.

Parent and children hold banners at the protest outside Blaise High School

She said: “The protesters are still riled, we were hoping to speak with the headteacher.

“I said ‘let’s approach this properly’ before shaking his hand and asking him about having a parent meeting, which the group wants. That was refused.

“Others began to ask about the SEN provisions being cut and he refused to talk before asking teachers to get in and lock the gates.

“We are not happy and we will most definitely continue.”

Blaise High School is a part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust. Bristol World contacted the trust in relation to the protest, but was told there would be no further comment.

On Saturday, the trust issued a statement which said: “Our expectation is that all students present themselves in line with school policies and Blaise High School offers support to all parents to ensure all students wear the correct uniform.

“Students’ safety and well-being are the school’s top priority and if any students or parents have any concerns they should contact the school directly.”