These are the 10 schools with the most student suspensions in Bristol.

The 10 schools in Bristol with the most suspensions - including one which recorded almost two each day

Children in Bristol were permanently excluded or suspended from school thousands of times last year

Schools in Bristol permanently excluded seven children and suspended pupils 3,687 times in the 2020/21 academic year, according to Government figures.

Across England, 3,928 children were permanently excluded from school in the same year - around five in every 10,000.

Nationally, the most common reason for permanent exclusions was persistent disruptive behaviour, and the second most common was physically assaulting another pupil.

The analysis, which includes special, primary and secondary schools, was released by the Department for Education this summer.

One Bristol school stood out amongst the rest though, recording 600 suspensions - more than double the number from the second highest.

Here we reveal which schools had the highest exclusion rate in Bristol.

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