Two fish and chip shops in Brislington and Bishopston rated for food hygiene - with one told to make major improvements

Food hygiene inspectors from Bristol City Council visited both takeaways at the start of December

<p>Ashley Down Fish Bar and The Codfather were both rated by food hygiene inspectors</p>

Ashley Down Fish Bar and The Codfather were both rated by food hygiene inspectors

Two fish bars in Bristol have been rated by food hygiene inspectors - with one told to make urgent improvements.

Hygiene ratings are done by Bristol City Council, which inspects businesses and then sends the scores to the Food Standards Agency to publish.

The ratings cover the handling of food, how the food is stored, how it is prepared, the cleanliness of the facilities and how food safety is managed.

It does not cover the quality of the food or customer service.

On December 6, inspectors visited the Codfather, in West Town Lane, Brislington, and subsequently awarded a one-star rating, which means ‘major improvement necessary’.

The report found food handling and cleanliness of facilities to be up to scratch, but found failures in the management of food safety, which includes systems and checks on food to ensure it is safe to eat.

Also on December 6, Ashley Fish Bar, in Ashley Down Road, Bishopston, was visited by inspectors.

The business was given a three-star rating, with food handling, the cleanliness of facilities and management of food safety ‘generally satisfactory’.

Out of Bristol’s 331 takeaways with ratings, 209 (63%) have ratings of five and just five have zero ratings.