‘Fabulously confused glory’ - Elvana delivers perfect unplugged gig at Marble Factory in Bristol

Singer Elvis/Kurt makes no claims to sounding exactly like either but manages to fuse Grunge and Elvis like you wouldn’t believe.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I had a bit of a rush to get to this one but thankfully I peddled fast and made it bang on for the start of support act Talk Like Tigers.

On walking inside the Marble Factory I first noticed it was a seated gig - this shocked me and a few around me, but this makes sense considering tonight’s headliners Elvana were playing an Unplugged set.

My experience of sit-down gigs is pretty slim. Will I manage to sit down? Will I get up? Will Elvana get everyone to stand up?

Before I knew it Madonna’s Vogue came pumping out and Talk Like Tigers burst onstage head to toe in pink netting. They definitely lit up that stage. It took me a while to twig that they are the singers with Elvana! Silly me.

They had so much energy and danced around clearly enjoying their songs. Diamonds was a song I stored straight away on my phone and is now in my monthly playlist.

They play the kind of glittery, shimmering synth pop that we all should have been stood up dancing to.


Annable’s Calling was full of 80s-style synths and I half expected it to morph into I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston.

Talk Like Tigers were the perfect support act

They then did a cover of Cranberries Linger which won over the guy next to me (always a good trick for a support) - he said to me, after looking confused early on, ‘they did that justice didn’t they?’

Perfect support act, there are so many acts that just pop up and you think how ‘have I not heard this before?’ - this was one of them.

Elvis Fronted Nirvana - Elvana - were up next! If you haven’t seen them before they are as the title explains, but not really.

Singer Elvis/Kurt makes no claims to sounding exactly like either but manages to fuse Grunge and Elvis like you wouldn’t believe.


This was my third Elvana gig but my first Unplugged one. So, I was curious to know what they would sound like, as only a month earlier I had seen them very much plugged in and firing Nirvana songs out loud.

The stage was set - they had mimicked the iconic Nirvana Unplugged stage with white lillies everywhere and a gold velvet back drop behind them.

Then the lights went down and the candles went up and Money for Nothing boomed from the sound system as they immerged to very loud cheers.

The Unplugged set meant most people were sitting down, although some danced at the front as long as they ‘didn’t get in the way’!

About a Girl came on with everyone singing along to every word, and then they did what they do best - they blended a grunge song into It’s Now or Never by Elvis which first makes you smile, and then sing.

Come As You Are turns into a jaunty, jolly song that tempts to me to get up to join a couple dancing around the aisles beside me.


Then Elvis/Kurt told us ‘it’s ok to get up and dance but just don’t get in the way of everyone looking at me’ whilst thrusting and shaking his hips.

After then telling some dodgy jokes to keep people amused, he then took to the crowd to Bowie’s The Man who Sold The World, which then meant it was a man dressed as Elvis singing in the style of Kurt Cobain doing a David Bowie song!

This must be a world record or something. Fabulously confused glory if you ask me. With all acts concerned being sorely missed by music fans all over the world let alone this room. As he went past me, I had to give him a hug and jump up and down with him for a bit.

Elvana Unplugged at Marble Factory (Credit: Barry Richards)

After a brief interlude for a costume change into the more famous white and gold jump suit, Elvis now sat on a gold toilet from which he pulled a Skol Lager beer. He asked ‘is this what you drink in Bristolshire?’ before launching into All Apologies to the delight of my friend Barry next to me.

The next perfect blend was All Apologies in to Are You Lonesome Tonight where vocally he did strangely come close to singing like Elvis and Kurt simultaneously. Two become one.


The show closed to the perfectly-timed Suspicious Minds (my favourite Elvis song) with the crowd jumping to their feet as Elvis running through the crowd singing with pretty much every person individually on his way.

I’d like to know what someone made of all this that just turned up and didn’t know what they were about to see.

As I walked out, I bumped into a friend who asked me did I enjoy it? How could I not? How could anyone who went wanting to see that not enjoy that? Nobody does it better.