Adele tickets 2022: Bristol fans react as tickets go on sale with high prices and technical glitches

Adele’s grand return to the UK on her new tour proves to be the hottest ticket in town.

The tour comes after the surprise release of her newest single ‘Easy On Me’, a well received vogue cover, as well as the long awaited upcoming release of her newest album, 30.

Tickets for Adele’s shows went on sale at 10am this morning.

This is set to be one of the most highly anticipated shows of the year, and will be the first time Adele performs in the UK since she cancelled her 2017 tour.

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    Those who had tickets to her previous shows were offered priority tickets, but there was still no guarantee of success with many locals venting their frustrations:

    Like with most big shows, those waiting in the queues were unable to get tickets thanks to technical difficulties.


    However, those who managed to make it to the check out page were shocked at the price of the tickets. One user from wrote:

    Those who managed to get their hands on tickets were overjoyed, with many rushing to twitter to share the news:

    It seems most were prepared for the worst, and willing to pay the price for the tickets:


    If you managed to get your hands on the tickets, let us know!