Fulham are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to away form. (Image: Ryan Hiscott/Getty Images)

The alternative Championship table if only away games counted - including Bristol City, Middlesbrough & Sheffield United

Being successful on your travels in the Championship is an added bonus if you’re fighting for promotion

Bristol City have struggled with their away form this season and that has been a major factor in how they find themselves towards the bottom half of the table.

At the start of the season, it was their home form that they were struggling with as they failed to win multiple times after the return of Robins fans. Since the win against Barnsley, they’ve only lost a handful of times at Ashton Gate Stadium.

A win against Blackburn Rovers on March 12 was their first success on the road since October, highlighting what a barren run they had. Form like that can play on the mind of teams as unwanted statistics are thrown up in their face. Fans can also decide whether it’s worth supporting their team on their travels if they feel their team doesn’t turn up.

Only four other clubs have had worst seasons when it comes to away games for City and if things are to improve then being more resilient away from the West Country will be an important factor.

Win your home matches and get as many points as you can on the road is the approach many managers adopt in the Championship when trying to reach their objectives, especially when you’re battling for promotion as putting together a consistent run-of-form should give you your just rewards.

Some sides flourish when playing on their travels as there isn’t an expectation to perform as well as they aren’t playing in front of expectant home supporters.

Below is the Championship table if it was based only on how teams had fared on the road this season. There are some intriguing takes from this including some teams recording more points away from home than at their own stadium.

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