How a combined Premier League & Championship table would look if based on crowds - and where Bristol City, Manchester United, Leeds United and Derby County would sit

Bristol City have better home attendances than the Championship promotion winners and a Premier League club!

No club has a divine right to be in the Premier League but some clubs boast top tier support but are unable to match it on the pitch.

English football’s second division, the Championship, has a few clubs like Nottingham Forest and Derby County, who haven’t been in the league for years, but have still maintained a loyal level of support.

There is also Bristol City, who have been deprived of top tier football for 42-years, with their closest chance at it being a play-off final defeat to Hull City in 2008. In what is a city with two clubs, they still manage to come out on top against other teams.

Given the massive amount of money and the global spotlight on the Premier League, there is no surprise that it garners massive crowds each and every week.

To some surprise however, there are teams in the Championship that get better crowds than those in world football’s best league according to the media.

There are some factors at play such as smaller stadiums, as well as being in highly populated cities such as London where there are a number of clubs.

Still though, it does show that there are some clubs that are perhaps ‘Premier League teams in waiting’ based on their support and that hopefully their team will be able to reward them one day with it.

As we wave goodbye to either Nottingham Forest or Huddersfield Town next Sunday, which team is it that has the most fans?

Below is a league table of all 44 teams from the Premier League and the Championship based on their average attendances.

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