Former Bristol City boss Lee Johnson hints at applying for Championship job before Hibernian position

The now Hibs manager has explained in a recent interview that he went for one other manager’s position before he landed the post at Easter Road.

Jamie McAllister, left, with Lee Johnson during their time at SunderlandJamie McAllister, left, with Lee Johnson during their time at Sunderland
Jamie McAllister, left, with Lee Johnson during their time at Sunderland

Former Bristol City head coach Lee Johnson has explained that he applied for another job earlier this year, after leaving the Stadium of Light.

The former Robins midfielder gave an interview in which he explained his interest in another role as he discussed his first week in charge at Hibernian.

Johnson, who left the Black Cats after being in charge for 14 months, hinted that he has applied for one job between leaving Sunderland last January, despite initially being one of the favourites for the vacant Peterborough United job when it became available in March.

While not naming the club he had applied for, he did offer a clue. Could it be QPR?

“To be honest, I only really applied for one job and that job’s still open,” he explained in an interview for BBC Bristol.

“But at the same time, I looked at the Hibs one and initially, I wasn’t sure - not because of the size of the club or because of the Scottish Football piece because obviously I’d been there, but I just didn’t know the intricacies of the club like maybe I would know the intricacies of the clubs in England.

“But then, through some various conversations and, not intermediaries in terms of agents but connections, it seemed like a really good match. We had a very relaxed conversation for two or three hours in London and straight away, it just seemed right in terms of the people.

“It’s a very similar setup to the Lansdowns at Bristol because it’s a really good human being in terms of the owner and his son is involved in the club, as Jon was at Bristol.

“It gave me that nice vibe in terms of what I was used to. I do like to build personal relationships within because I like to be working for good people and I’ve been lucky so far in my career that I’ve managed that,” said Johnson.

Former Robins midfielder Johnson was also asked if fellow former Bristol City player and his assistant coach Jamie McAllister would join him in Scotland.

While the ex-left-back has since been confirmed as also signing up at Easter Road, Johnson explained that McAllister would even make a manager in his own right.

“Jamie’s obviously a loyal comrade, he’s a fantastic coach, a strong individual, psychologically tough and he’s really good in and around the dressing room, with the players, and in and around the training ground,” said Johnson.

“I actually think Jamie’s a manager in his own right now and he would absolutely be ready to go if a manager’s job came up but, of course, at the same time, that could benefit myself and Hibernian by bringing someone like that in for staff.

“The truth is, we’ve got to get the staff right. You’ve got to have a look and assess what you’ve got in the building, look at everybody’s strengths and weaknesses and try to blend the perfect formula to try and help the lads to make sure performances stay strong.”

The 40-year-old coach also said that he keeps in touch with the Lansdowns and backed former City CEO Mark Ashton for success at Ipswich Town.

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