18 famous Bristol City fans, including actors, singers and sport stars - gallery

A look at the famous people that support Bristol City - and some might surprise you!

You may not see them at Ashton Gate often, and some are up for debate, but Bristol City are said to have a good few celebrity fans.

They're no different to the regular Robins fan in that they just want the team to do well, but it's always nice to know that you support a team that someone is a person of interest. You're either red or blue in the city of Bristol, though there are a good few people who come from the surrounding areas to support their team.

There are plenty of reasons to support a team, and despite assuming people from Bristol would support their team, there are a few celebrities who aren't from the City, who support them for other reasons. Most are from Bristol however, and it's good to see them support their local team.

Celebrity supporters aren't often seen at games, given they have busy schedules, but there'll be trying to support from afar, either by watching whilst carrying out commitments like acting in hit television shows, or representing their country.

Bristol City have accumulated a strong supporter base, and most recently they were in the top 10 when it came to average home attendances. A few attendees of matches this season may have been some celebrities, and we've taken a look as to which famous people support the club. They include sport stars, actors and comedians. Here, we have gathered information on 18 famous Bristol City supporters. Take a look below at who makes the list:

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