Helicopter and armed police deployed to Kingswood over ‘men with machetes’

It happened on Kingswood High Street

A police helicopter and armed police were dispatched to Kingswood after several calls were made over a man being chased down the High Street last night (February 28). One witness said they saw ‘guys fighting with machetes’ - Avon and Somerset Police hs confirmed “bladed weapons were seen”.

In a statement to Bristol World, the force said it had received calls regarding a lone male being chased shortly before 9.30pm. Residents posting in the community Facebook group ‘Kingswood People’ claimed that they had seen several men wielding machetes with one user commenting “[The helicopter is] probably looking for the guys that were fighting with machetes in Hill Street.”

Another resident added that they had witnessed “six guys fighting with machetes about an hour ago. Outside Health and Body beauty place.”

A spokesperson for the police said: “At just before 9.30pm on Tuesday (February 28), we received calls reporting that a group of men was chasing another man in the High Street area of Kingswood. Due to the nature of the information received, armed officers were among those to attend the scene, and the National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter was also deployed.

“A search of the local area was carried out but none of the men were located, and nobody was found to be injured.”