Aldi announces a new heated air dryer for winter 2021- plus alternative models from Dunelm, Argos and Lakeland

Best heated laundry airersBest heated laundry airers
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Dry your clothes quicker this winter with the £90 Aldi heated air dryer - or one of these top-rated high street alternatives

Heated airers are ideal for drying during the winter months when it’s cold and raining which means it’s not possible to hang laundry outside.

They are also a perfect alternative to outdoor drying if you simply don’t have outdoor space to dry in.

The Aldi Easy Home Heated Clothes Airer model has three levels for drying your clothes, as well as a rack for your shoes.

These special airers speed up the in home drying process. Please be aware that fabrics not in contact with the heated elements will dry more slowly, so it is recommend items are regularly moved to aid the drying of all parts of the garments.

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This airer has a two-way switch which can be used to control a heated area which will dry your clothes quickly and efficiently.

There’s a shoe rack, delicate mesh shelves and peg hangers, which mean that you can dry all of your clothes and accessories with ease as there’s a dedicated area for each.

The foldable design of this airer makes it super easy to fold away when not in use too.

This is an online exclusive product and is not available to buy in store.


Made from lightweight metal, this silver clothes heater will look modern in your home decor layout, complementing existing colour schemes and styles.

Heated to aid in drying your clothing and made with low consumption levels for energy efficiency, this 100 watt airer will speed up preparing clothes.

Built with a folding construction for your convenience, this indoor heater can be simply moved from room to room when needed and stored away when not.


If you don’t have a lot of space indoors to spare for drying clothes, but still want the fast, effective results delivered by a heated airer, then this is the one for you.

This slimline airer offers 13m of drying space and holds an incredibly impressive 15kg of wet laundry.

It still has six foldout shelves so you can dry a whole load, just in even less space than before, so it’s perfect for smaller homes.

It costs less than 4p an hour to run, and with thermostatically controlled bars that won’t overheat and is kind to your clothes.


This airer offers 21m of drying space, holding 15kg of laundry, on a light aluminium frame and will dry your clothes much more quickly than an unheated tower airer.

It costs less than 6p an hour to run, and has thermostatically-controlled bars that won’t overheat.

When you don’t have laundry to dry you can fold your electric airer down to only 8cm deep for flat storage too.


This deluxe heated airer offers 21m of drying space, holding 15kg of laundry, on a light aluminium frame and will get all your laundry dry much more quickly than an unheated airer.

It also costs less than 6p an hour to run, and has a handy timer feature so you can run it for exactly as long as you want and gently-heated bars that won’t harm your delicates.

There’s also a control panel at eye level, rather than ground level, for easier use, as well as clips to hold the folded airer together and a neat clip-on container for the plug to stow away into.


Able to hold 10kg of clothing, this dryer comes with heated bars that will help speed up the drying process by warming the sections of fabrics that are in immediate contact with the heated bar areas of the product.

Once you’re finished drying, the airer can be quickly folded flat for convenient storage.


This lightweight, yet sturdy, heated clothes airer is prefect for drying clothes whatever the weather.

The 12m capacity, easy to manoeuvre airer comes with a cover that helps retain heat and improve the drying performance.

Costing less than 4p an hour to run, it’s very economical and kind to your clothes.

It offers 12m of drying space, holding 10kg of laundry. If space is at a premium, you can fold the airer flat for compact storage too.

Robert Dyas

This airer is ideal for a convenient, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to dry your washing.

It is versatile and holds up to 15kg of washing on 21m of drying space, spread over three-tiers.

Easy to use, it arrives assembled, simply fold out, plug in and switch on.

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