Forget being two-faced – British adults can display up to nine distinct personalities according to a new research

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Findings reveal that 92% of British adults admit that they switch between numerous personalities over the course of a day depending on whether they are working, socialising, posting on social media or spending time with their family.

The research highlights that those aged 18-35 typically display the most personas with a third (34%) exhibiting as many as seven personality types, as they juggle work, rest and play.

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The Samsung KX Personality Audit was led by Professor of Psychology Michael Banissy from the University of London. Three thousand British adults aged 18-65 took part in the study which identified nine new different personality types.

The nine personalities, as defined by Professor Michael Banissy:

1. The Grafter: organised and diligent with strong self-discipline, they can be counted on to get things done.

2. The Leader: quick to 'size up' situations, they act decisively to find solutions to overcome problems

3. The Battler: assertive and tough, they will confront any argument head on to get what they want

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4. The Thinker: cautious and considered, they are good at managing risk through thorough analysis

5. The Hacker: quick-witted, they improvise 'hacks' to get things done without much practice or preparation

6. The Socializer: chatty and energetic, they are outgoing and the life and soul of any gathering

7. Adventurer: curious, creative and imaginative, open to new experiences

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8. Peacemaker: warm, friendly and tactful, they like to help others and make the perfect mediators +1

9. Smoaster: social media show-offs, they live for likes and want to others to see their lifestyle

The behavioural study points to a seismic shift between the generations, as 86% of those surveyed said they believe it is easier for people today to express themselves and their whole personality than it was 25 or 50 years ago when the British were largely known for their stoicism and ‘stiff upper lip’.

Ultimate Chameleons

The findings revealed that those aged under 35 (multitasking millennials and the Gen Z) are the ultimate chameleons tapping into an average of five distinct personality types across the course of day. Like their reptilian colour-changing counterparts, the new study suggests that they have developed the ability to blend seamlessly into social environments, whether working diligently in the office, or as the life and soul of the party.

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The most popular personas amongst all adults were listed as The Thinker (81%), The Grafter (75%), The Peacemaker (66%), Leader (63%) and The Smoaster (44%).

The report commissioned by Samsung KX marks the launch of the Digital DNA Test, a new experience that gives visitors to the space the chance to identify their multitude of digital personas, supported by the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 handsets – the perfect devices for busy multi-taskers.

The study revealed that 67% of adults admit that they are 'completely different' when at work compared to in their personal lives and 94% of people admit they switch on to ‘work mode’ when they step into the office, moderating their behaviour and becoming more formal.

The results suggest that context is key; Brits are apparently quick to change personalities when they are in the pub (admitted by 64%), at parties (74%) and on social media where 44% admit that they are 'smoasters' – social media boasters – who like to show off about their lifestyles online.

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The social situations where Brits most feel 'themselves' are hanging out with friends (cited by 24%) and being with your family (32%). Whereas the most 'unnatural' situations where Brits most feel they have to hide their true personalities are meeting new people (cited by 29%) and job interviews (31%).

Professor Michael Banissy believes that some of an individual's personas may be more dominant than others as we swap between them on a daily basis. He said: “The research from the Samsung KX Digital DNA Audit suggests that our personalities tend to be stable over time but can be influenced by our day-to-day environment. There is a good reason for this as social flexibility is often a very useful skill with its psychological roots in our human need to feel socially included.

“We can switch to behaviour that contradict our dominant personality type as the situation demands. For instance, we may prefer to be spontaneous but might adjust this behaviour to be more structured at work. Every persona has its strengths and weaknesses – there is no ideal.”

Ashrita Seshadri, Head of Marketing for Samsung KX said: “From working from home to home schooling, over the past year we have had a lot to juggle in our daily lives. The new Digital DNA test at Samsung KX is the perfect opportunity for visitors to learn about themselves and how the new Galaxy Flip3 and Fold3 handsets can help finesse and manage their busy schedules.”

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The Digital DNA at Samsung KX is open to members of the public free of charge.

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Following the research Samsung KX worked with Lawrence Chaney on a content series in which sees the iconic Drag Queen taking a deep dive into her life on and off the stage as she uncovers how she manages her multiple personas and busy lifestyle.

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