Brits crown Martin Lewis' money saving skills as the talent they'd most like to have

Martin Lewis’ money saving expertise, Gordon Ramsey’s cooking capabilities and Mary Berry’s baking skills are some of the top celebrity talents Brits wish they had, according to new research.

The data from FLORA – made from 100% Natural Ingredients, reveals the natural talents Brits would most like to possess and what believe they’re already naturally good at.

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With the current cost of living crisis, a quarter (25%) of Brits admit they wish they had Martin Lewis’ money saving skills, which is particularly true amongst females (33%) compared to men (18%). Respondents aged 35+ also voted money saving as the top skill they’d like to possess.

Top 10 celebrity talents Brits wish they had:

  1. Martin Lewis’ money saving skills – 25%
  2. Gordon Ramsey’s cooking skills – 21%

=    Adele’s singing – 21%

  1. Mary Berry’s baking skills – 20%
  2. Jimi Hendrix’s guitar skills – 15%
  3. John Lennon’s song writing skills – 14%

=    Usain Bolt’s speed – 14%

  1. Picasso’s painting – 12%

=    Bear Grylls’ survival tactics – 12%

  1.  Tyson Fury’s right hook – 11%


When it comes to Brits and their natural flair, over a third (35%) claim they have a special talent. Although Brits wish they had culinary skills like Gordon Ramsey and Mary Berry, over a third (36%) believe cooking and baking is their natural talent. FLORA is made from 100% Natural Ingredient’s and believes everyone is a natural at something. FLORA is encouraging the UK to celebrate the talent that’s naturally theirs and the natural ingredients they were born with.

Other natural talents Brits claim to have are arts and crafts (22%), sport (20%), singing (14%), and gaming (14%).

John Mulvey, Head of Marketing at FLORA, said: “We know Brits throughout the nation are full of natural talent, from baking to cooking to singing.

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Flora is championing it’s 100% natural ingredients, by encouraging people to find their own natural talent in daily life tasks and celebrate the feeling one gets when good things happen naturally.

“As part of the campaign we’re currently hosting a competition on Stitcht, where we’re challenging people to film one of the tricks from the new FLORA campaign or make up their own kitchen based trick shot to showcase their natural talents. Winners will receive a new SMEG toaster – perfect for making toast with FLORA- so give it a go!”

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