I’m a Celeb 2022: Your Bristol-themed bushtucker trial ideas including finding the Ikea exit

Bristol World readers have put together their own trials for residents to complete around the city

<p>Bristolians have devised their own Bristol-related bushtucker trials ahead of the I’m a Celebrity 2022 final.</p>

Bristolians have devised their own Bristol-related bushtucker trials ahead of the I’m a Celebrity 2022 final.

With the final of I’m a Celebrity 2022 less than a week away, Bristolians have had a go at devising their own bushtucker trials to be carried out across the city. Ranging from catching a bus on time to explaining ‘Cheers drive’ to someone who isn’t from Bristol, how many do you think you could complete?

Finding the exit to Ikea

Bristol’s Ikea store - where dreams are made and destroyed. There is no such thing as a short trip to the Eastgate megastore so this challenge could prove to be tricky against the clock. Hopefully, Ant and Dec would make good company as you navigate through the bedroom furniture for the fourth time.

Explaining Bristolian lingo to a visitor

Proper hard, this one. You’ve got to be clued up on some of the lingo to get around Brizzle, especially if you’re around Bemmie or somewhere South of the river. Whether playing on a slider or having some gurt lush food, if you don’t pick it up you might be at a lost, m’babber. This also brings us nicely to the next challenge for Bristolians.

Getting off a bus without saying “cheers, drive”

The phrase so popular in Bristol, a street has been named after it - Cheers Drive in Speedwell. Typically used to part ways with a bus driver, or maybe when climbing out of a taxi. The obvious explanation is to single the term down to just being a substitute for ‘thank you’, but when outside of Bristol you may notice the absence of the term when others are getting off a bus and it makes you wonder if there’s more to the two words.

 Building works being completed on time

You may have noticed some clear roads and pathways amongst the building site that is Bristol. There is constant building work going on across the city which all promises to make it look shiny and new - when complete. A plethora of reasons can delay works so to see a project be completed to its initial schedule would take a feat of engineering that Isambard Kingdom Brunel would be proud of.

Getting through the city centre with no traffic or red lights

The ‘final level’ trial. Some say it can’t be done. On the best of days, drivers are met with congestion in the city centre area, be it red lights or construction works. Could it be possible to make your way through the roads dodging all of this and other vehicles? You tell us.