UK weather update: arctic cold snap on the way but will Bristol see snow?

Arctic conditions are on their way to the UK as January comes to a close - but will Bristol see any snow?

Bristol is set to see cold temperatures as the whole of the UK is expected to be hit by a cold snap.

Many places in the UK are forecast to experience wintry showers and heavy snow in some places.

This is a stark contrast to one of the milder Januaries the UK has experienced.

WXCharts show that their is a potential of a slight dusting in Bristol on the 31 January.

However, according to BBC weather, the snow isn’t set to hit Bristol and temperatures aren’t currently forecast to go below 0°C.



Hill fog is set to develop over night as the clouds begin to lower.

Patches are frost will develop overnight, where the longest breaks in the clouds occur.

Temperatures will be staying above freezing for the most part, with minimum temperature 0°C.



Tuesday will see a grey start with widespread cloud remaining across most areas.

Temperatures will feel cold, and conditions will be mostly dry with some parts seeing the odd drizzle.

Temperatures set to hit a maximum of 7°C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday

Wednesday is to be similar to Tuesday, however, winds are set to pick up.

As we go into Thursday there will be a band of rain pushing through.


As the week comes to an end, Bristol will see brighter skies on Friday, though there is a chance of rain later in the day.

UK long ranger weather forecast

(29 January - 7 February)

At the start of this period northern areas can expect wetter and windier conditions, and those in southern areas will see drier but cloudier weather.

Rain will push through into south eastern areas in Saturday with a few bright spells peaking through.

For the remainder of January the whole of the UK can expect more showery and windy weather.


Wintry showers are expected to push north and hit higher grounds of Scotland.

Temperatures on the whole are expected to be close to or slightly milder than average in most areas.

As we move in February northern areas can expect to see more unsettled conditions initially with southern areas seeing milder conditions in the beginning.

However, as the period develops there is a higher likelihood of more widespread wintry conditions across the whole of the UK.