Heatwave Bristol May 2022: when is nine-day mini heatwave coming, and what is Met Office weather forecast?

Several reports suggest that a nine day heatwave is ready to hit the city of Bristol - but will this be the case? BristolWorld will find out for you.

As the season of summer continues to pass us by, Bristollians will be anxiously hoping for warm enough weather to get their beach bags ready, put on their sunglasses and catch themselves a lovely golden tan.

Yet according to several reports, these conditions are soon to arrive in the South West of England.

A number of experts and weather organisations are predicting a heatwave to sweep the United Kingdom in May as summer finally arrives on the British Isles.

But, will that actually be the case? Is there any need to get out hopes up for a boiling Bristol summer? Here is everything you need to know about whether there will be a heatwave in Bristol.

What is a heatwave?

Traditional Georgian houses seen on a sunny day in the centre of Bristol.

The word ‘heatwave’ is thrown around regularly when it comes to weather forecasts across the globe - but what is a heatwave?

According to the Met Office, a heatwave is an extended period of hot weather relative to the expected conditions of the area at that time of the year.

In the United Kingdom, this is the criteria the weather must meet to be considered a heatwave:

  • When a location records three consecutive days with a maximum temperature that exceeds the threshold (this varies depending on the county)

For example, Bristol and the surrounding South West region has a threshold of between 26-27℃.

When is the nine day heatwave expected to hit Bristol?

This period of warming weather has also been dubbed a ‘mini-heatwave’ as reports have suggested that Bristol residents should expect to finally witness signs of summer such as warmer weather across a nine-day period.

But when is this expected to hit Bristol? Weather organisations are predicting Bristollians to witness a change to hotter conditions anytime in the middle of May 2022.

What is the Met Office’s long-range UK weather forecast?

The Met Office has issued the following statement regarding the UK’s long-range weather forecast for the period of Tuesday, 10 May to Thursday, 19 May.

It reads: “Largely cloudy across much of the northwest of the UK, with a few showers, the odd one of which may turn heavier”.

“However, some brighter or sunny spells are also possible at times. Largely fine and dry for southern and eastern areas with some sunny spells and feeling rather warm to very warm at times.

“Areas of low cloud and fog are still possible around some coasts, most likely in the south and west, where it may feel cooler” it explains.

“Windy across the north, with temperatures here remaining close to average, but winds light or moderate elsewhere.

“Towards the end of the period, a general change to lower pressure - especially across the north - may bring more unsettled conditions with spells of rain or showers for most”.

What is the weather forecast for Bristol in May?

According to weather data supplied by experts AccuWeather and the Met Office, the following is the daily weather forecast for Bristol (Bristol) throughout the middle of May:

  • Friday, 6 May: Cloudy changing to light rain (17℃)
  • Saturday, 7 May: Sunny intervals, cloudy afternoon (19℃)
  • Sunday, 8 May: Sunny intervals, cloudy by lunch (20℃)
  • Monday, 9 May: Sunny intervals changing to cloudy skies (20℃)
  • Tuesday, 10 May: Sunny intervals and cloudy skies (19℃)
  • Wednesday, 11 May: Sunny all day (18℃)
  • Thursday, 12 May: Warm but considerably cloudy (23℃)
  • Friday, 13 May: Mostly sunny (22℃)
  • Saturday, 14 May: Sunny intervals (23℃)
  • Sunday, 15 May: Mostly cloudy with some rainfall (22℃)
  • Monday, 16 May: Rainy and cloudy (23℃)
  • Tuesday, 17 May: Cloudy skies all day (23℃)
  • Wednesday, 18 May: Mostly sunshine (19℃)
  • Thursday, 19 May: Sunny intervals (20℃)

Will there be a heatwave in Bristol?

Despite several reports suggesting that Bristol will bear the brunt of a scorching heat wave of around 26-27℃ in the middle of May, forecasts from experts the Met Office and AccuWeather state otherwise.

This patch of warming weather is much more of a ‘mini-heatwave’, with the period of 12-19 May seeing warmer temperatures of between 19-23℃.

Therefore, any hopes of a boiling Bristol beach day have been slightly dashed as this heatwave is not expected to be the one that residents are desperate for.