Bristol weather: Met Office reveals when snow is likely to fall in the city as ‘Arctic blast’ engulfs the UK

White Christmas in Bristol for the first time in years? It’s looking more and more likely as temperatures take a nosedive

Will Bristol enjoy a White Christmas forthe first time in years, or at least a festive flurry over the holidays? As temperatures plummet thanks to a blast of Arctic air currently enveloping the UK, it seems more and more likely we could see the white stuff falling over the city at some point.

According to the Met Office, Bristol is not set to see any snow this week - but it will be cold, with widespread frost. Friday morning (December 9) will begin on a “cold and frosty, but sunny” front, with a “very low risk” of showers towards the coast.

The weekend paints a similar picture - it will remain “cold and mainly dry” with spells of sunshine and just a few showers, mainly towards coastal areas, with “sharp overnight frosts”. Temperatures are not expected to rise above 5°C, so be sure to wrap up warm.

Met Office Meteorologist Claire Nasir said: “The source of the air across the UK is coming from the Arctic, hence why it will remain bitterly cold for the next few days and into the weekend. Wherever you are, temperatures will only reach around 3 to 5 degrees, mildest towards the south west.”

Weather warnings are currently in place in other parts of the country including Cornwall as well as parts of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but these do not currently affect Bristol. The yellow weather alerts have been issued for ice and snow as temperatures drop.

The cold weather is expected in and around the city to continue as we head into next week, when Bristol and other south western parts of the country could see “significant snowfall and freezing rain” due to a “widespread, locally severe frost”. Temperatures will remain “cold to very cold”, with occasional milder spells in the south.

The Met Office long range forecast from Thursday, December 22 onwards is a little more uncertain. Forecasters say conditions may be “widely changeable” in our area, with some spells of rain and at times snow - although it’s not possible to say for certain at this stage if we’ll enjoy a White Christmas.

These wintry conditions are expected to be accompanied by strong winds, initially focused in southern parts of the country, but affecting all areas at times. Colder and more settled conditions with occasional showers could continue before temperatures gradually return closer to average towards the end of December and start of January.