Bonfire Night 2022: Met Office weather forecast for Bristol fireworks displays and events

You might find yourself needing an umbrella held above your head and wearing a raincoat if you attend any Bonfire Night events in Bristol tonight.

Bristolians and those from the South West of England will be crossing their fingers for good weather ready for when they attend any Bonfire Night firework displays and events this weekend. In order to truly enjoy the fireworks, you must be wearing appropriate clothing and it is best if skies are as clear as possible.

This totally hinges on the weather conditions, which have not been kind to Bristolians during past celebrations. Last year’s celebrations were dampened by wet weather and chilly temperatures as hundreds stood out in the freezing cold to take in the displays.

The big celebration, which is known to many as Guy Fawkes Day, falls on a Saturday (November 5) in 2022. Bristolians who are eagerly anticipating beautifully coloured skies littered with jaw-dropping explosions are hoping that the weather is much better this year.

There are a number of much-anticipated Bonfire Night events scheduled in Bristol this year. Due to high demand, many are expected to attend so it is best to make sure that you  have all the information before making your  way to the displays.

Bonfire Night 2022 Met Office weather forecast for Bristol

Weather experts at the Met Office have dampened any hopes for a clear, dry and mild Bonfire Night in Bristol in 2022. The forecast reads that the worst of the weather will be directly on Bonfire Night, which is this Saturday.

It is not all bad news though, as a surprise appearance of sunshine is expected at some point this weekend. Here is the Met Office’s weather forecast for Bonfire Night weekend in Bristol:

Friday, November 4

Partly cloudy to start, but Friday is expected to be the clearest and driest of the weekend. With consistent sunshine from 9am until around 3pm, clear skies are expected too at 6pm.

The rest of the evening will be nothing but cloudy. Highs of 13℃.

Saturday, November 5 (Bonfire Night)

Very cloudy skies to start the day, until grey clouds emerge with rainfall from 9pm until around 6pm. Skies will then be full of clouds for the remainder of the day. Highs of 13℃.

Sunday, November 6

Light showers will continue to Bristol throughout most of the day, beginning at 6am and persisting until as late as the afternoon. There will be brief sunny intervals too throughout the middle of the day, however skies will remain largely cloudy throughout. Highs of 13℃.