We visit the beautiful Bristol river walk with ruins, a waterfall and a bat cave

The site was once home to 12 small quarries

Located in East Bristol, Conham River Park is part of the Avon River Trail that runs from Pill to Pulteney Bridge in Bath and is one of three woodlands that make up the Avon Valley Wood Nature Reserve.

The site was once quarried and alongside Hanham Mills, was home to 12 small quarries. The nearby Hanham Colliery mined coal from the Bristol coalfields and like the pennant sandstone was brought down to the riverside and transported by horse-drawn barges to Bristol and Bath.

There are some remains of the quarrying history including a powder house at the bottom of Hencliff Wood, which housed the dynamite for the quarries and nearby railway, the thick walls of the old smelter works near Conham River Park, and the boundary wall of Conham Hall which was demolished in 1971.

Beese’s Riverside Bar and Garden which dates back to 1846, runs a ferry service which allows visitors to cross to the other side of the river. Visitors can also partake in coarse fishing in the river. Conham River Park also has a car park accessible through Conham Road.

Here are 25 photos from our visit to Conham River Park:

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