Voi’s next generation of e-scooter has arrived in Bristol - here’s what is different

Voi’s brand new e-scooter, the Voiager 5 (V5), is now on the streets of Bristol

Voi has announced the release of its newest generation e-scooter, the Voiager 5 (V5) - with already a quarter of the company’s pay as you go fleet the new model

The firm says the e-scooter focuses on safety, circularity, brake performance, and ‘a seamless rider experience’. Bristol and Bath are among the first cities in the UK to get the latest version which will replace the entire currently fleet of V4s.

The model has been engineered to deliver a unique riding experience - in a city environment, say Voi, and has already been rolled out in various cities across Europe, including Bordeaux, Milan, Helsinki, Rome, Madrid, Oslo, and Seville.

Around a quarter of the pay as you go Voi fleet in Bristol are already Voiager 5Around a quarter of the pay as you go Voi fleet in Bristol are already Voiager 5
Around a quarter of the pay as you go Voi fleet in Bristol are already Voiager 5

What are the key features of the Voiager 5?

Voi say the Voiager’s new features include its larger wheels, its powerful brake performance, as well as other features for creating a more inclusive vehicle.

New, larger wheels

The V5 has a larger front wheel and increased tyre tread depth for improved safety, along with greater shock absorption for smooth rides, even on rough surfaces.

There is a height increase between the road and the rider which prevents the scraping of the foot deck.

This improvement, Voi say, means that the wheels can easily navigate potholes, which allows the rider to travel more smoothly on roads, around Bristol and Bath.

Powerful brake performance

Voi say the V5’s brakes are more durable and sturdy than ever before.

The design and reinforced brake cable ensure that fleets are readily available to riders as the new model allows for easier access for mechanics, and ultimately less time spent in warehouses for maintenance.

Other new benefits of the V5 include improved accuracy and precision, allowing riders to end their rides at designated parking spots with significantly more accuracy, and greater street accessibility.

Woman enjoying  a ride on a V5 e-scooter, in BristolWoman enjoying  a ride on a V5 e-scooter, in Bristol
Woman enjoying a ride on a V5 e-scooter, in Bristol

Extended life

Voi says it has tried to advance the sustainability of its service, by effectively building on the strengths of its previous models.

The V5 model’s lifespan is five years, and components can be reused, and recycled at end-of-life.

The proportion of recycled materials used in the scooter now stands at over 30%, and nearly 90% of the scooters’ components have been redesigned to improve durability and repairability.

More inclusive vehicle

In the development stage of the V5, Voi says it sought to discover the needs of groups that are not often taken into consideration, such as Open Inclusion and Women in Transport.

The V5 has an updated dashboard design, with a centrally-located integrated phone holder, enabling riders to navigate more safely. By integrating the phone holder into the scooter frame, the durability and repairability is also improved, the company claims.

A more  ergonomic handlebar is also a new feature for this model, as well as an indicator switch and bell, in an easier to reach location.

Warehouse mechanic with a Voiager 5 (V5) e-scooterWarehouse mechanic with a Voiager 5 (V5) e-scooter
Warehouse mechanic with a Voiager 5 (V5) e-scooter

Jack Samler, General Manager at Voi UK and Ireland, said:

“The Voiager 5 model encapsulates Voi’s values, from pushing boundaries when it comes to safe and inclusive design, to riding together so that we can create better cities for living, free of congestion and pollution.

“Producing a new model like this is the result of collaboration across the board, from warehouse staff to engineering experts, sustainability gurus to mechanical geniuses. It is this Voi teamwork that has rapidly transformed our commitment to circularity and sustainability.

“We know that our riders in Bristol and Bath will love the new V5 model because it’s suited to their everyday needs as it’s engineered for the city. We’re excited to continue delivering a world-class rental scheme to decarbonise these cities and create better places for living.”

There has never been a Voi model more ready for the ‘every-day’ as navigating across the city has now become easier, and a lot more convenient.

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