Travel chaos: Roadblocks hit M4 and M5 as campaigners take to motorways for fuel costs protest

Parts of the motorway near Bristol were brought to a standstill

Widespread protests and roadblocks over rising fuel prices have brought parts of the motorway near Bristol to a standstill.

Footage this morning (Monday, July 4) showed cars driving excessively slowly on major roads including the M4 and M5, in anger at the inflated price of fuel.

The cost of unleaded petrol hit 191.43p per litre at the end of July, while the cost of Diesel currently sits at 199.05p/l.

Stand up to fuel price campaigners create a rolling blockade along the M4 towards the Prince of Wales Bridge this morning. The protest created long queues at four vehicles made their way slowly along the motorway.

Vehicles intentionally drove two or three abreast to take up all lanes of the roads, sticking to 30 to 40mph.

Protests kicked off in the South West with a rolling roadblock moving towards the Prince of Wales Bridge connecting England and Wales this morning.

Motorists carried out the protest from 7am affecting both directions and causing widespread tailbacks.

Additional rolling roadblocks were carried out on the M5 with around 25 cars meeting at Bridgwater services on junction 24 to travel on the M32 in Bristol before turning around and going back.

Stand up to fuel price campaigners create a rolling blockade along the M4 towards the Prince of Wales Bridge.

Meanwhile, more vehicles met in Exeter for a similar trawl up the M5 in Devon.

Elsewhere in the UK, police were even pictured attempting to halt the protestors, at one point preventing their vehicles from leaving Ferrybridge Services, West Yorkshire, using a tyre ‘stinger’.

Fuel protestors clash with police as officers stop them leaving Ferrybridge Services in West Yorkshire.

Queues also formed on the A12 near Kelvedon, as protesters blockaded the route from Colchester towards London.

Further protests were held on the M54 near Telford, Shropshire with participants meeting at the Shifnal motorway services.

Traffic density maps on Google Maps showed thick red lines on major roads across the country as hundreds of vehicles were slowed to a crawl.

Petrol stations, including one at Tesco in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, have also been closed after being targeted by demonstrators.