Thousands of fines were issued in just one year.

Top 10 bus lane cameras revealed for catching motorists in Bristol - with more than 300 fines issued every day

More than 111,000 fines were issued over 2020/21 - which equates to more than 300 a day

Drivers in Bristol have received thousands of fines after getting caught in the city’s bus lanes, according to new figures.

In a Freedom of Information Act request, BristolWorld asked Bristol City Council how many Penalty Charge Notices were handed to motorists under bus lane enforcement between April 1 2020 and March 31 2021.

The authority revealed that 111,790 PCNs had been issued over that period.

A breakdown of the fines shows that the camera that caught drivers out the most was at Victoria Street near the Bristol Bridge, with more than 23,000 fines issued over the year.

A separate request by car finance firm Moneybarn showed that bus lane fines brought in £2,039,752 in revenue for Bristol City Council over the same annual period.

Bus lanes are dotted all over the city and only buses, cyclists, taxis and motorcycles are permitted to use them, although some are only in operation at certain times.

Motorists could face a fine of up to £60 if they wrongly go through a bus gate, which are all monitored by CCTV cameras.

Here are the top 10 areas where the most fines were issued:

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