The Wombles join forces with Paul McCartney to support Meat Free Monday initiative for COP26

Meat Free Mondays just got the backing of our favourite furry friends. The Wombles are joining forces with music legend Paul McCartney to back the cause!

As part of the Government’s newest initiative One Step Green, the famous furry faces will be joining the COP6 campaign to encourage everyone to eat less meat for the sake of the environment.

The Wombles will be getting involved by starring in short animated films where they will demonstrate two plant-based recipes to coincide with COP26. The recipes will be Madame Cholet’s Chilli Non Carne and Tobermory’s Corn and Courgette Fritters.

The short films will also feature a song composed by Paul McCartney, one of the founders of the not-for-profit Meat Free Monday.

The first recipe is available today and the next one will be out 8th November. They can both be found on the Meat Free Monday website. 

Speaking on behalf of The Wombles, Great Uncle Bulgaria said, ‘We love the Meat Free Monday campaign’

‘Reducing the amount of meat we eat is good for the planet, good for animals and good for our health.’

‘We hope that the super tasty recipes created by Madame Cholet and Tobermory will encourage everyone to go meat free for at least one day a week.’

‘One Step Green’ is a part of the UK Government’s recent campaign Together for our Planet. The campaign’s goal is to raise awareness of COP26 and the climate issues we face ahead of the summit.

The campaign will work with small businesses across the UK to support their journey in becoming greener and more sustainable.

Aiming to showcase how people across the UK can make small changes to tackle climate change together.

This won’t be the only time you see The Wombles working to encourage a more environmentally-friendly world.

They have also recently featured in films explaining how we can all be more environmentally conscious by recycling, upcycling and eating more environmentally friendly foods.