With its dark windows and features, against the beautiful restored Bath stone, the exterior of the property is lovely to look at

The quirky Victorian property on the market with clever and contemporary use of cheap materials

Step inside this contemporary Knowle property that houses a clever and quirky use of chipboard, prioritises modern living and curates arty details perfectly

Have you been searching for a property in Bristol that is just a little different from all the rest? Well, you may just find it in this lovely property in Knowle, marketed by Boardwalk Property Co.

Despite being a handsome figure of £775,000 and exuding glamour, period details and grandeur, the five-bedroom Victorian home also utilises very cleverly the use of cheap and everyday materials to create a far from cheap looking effect. You might not imagine to find a running theme of chipboard in an expensive property, but this place shows it can be done right! Take a peek inside...

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