Avon and Somerset Police have been busy tackling anti-social behaviour across Bristol, here is a list of the neighbourhoods with the highest number of cases.

The Bristol neighbourhoods with the highest number of reported anti-social behaviour cases

These Bristol neighbourhoods recorded the most incidents of anti-social behaviour

Bristol has suffered thousands of anti-social behaviour incidents across its neighbourhoods in the last year.

Data released by Police.uk shows which neighbourhoods have become a hotspot for anti-social behaviour, with several areas recording hundreds of cases.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) often refers to acts which cause harm to the community, the environment or, an individual.

It can include acts such as aggressive and/or drunken behaviour, fly-tipping, the use of drugs and, other actions.

The city centre proved to be a flash point for ASB, with 1,777 incidents reported from June 2021 - May 2022.

Other areas recorded high levels of ASB in the same period, below is a full list of which neighbourhoods suffered the most.

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