The best outdoor summer swimming spots in and around Bristol

Craving water and a bit of open air swimming in order to conquer this heatwave? Luckily for you, there are plenty of options in and around Bristol

Swimming outside and finding the nearest good body of water to dive right into is probably top of your tick list right now, and for good reason, too. What better way to cool down than to jump straight into a lovely cooling beauty spot.

But, where do you head? Luckily for us all in Bristol, there are plenty of brilliant options, both wild and organised, to find in and out of the city, but not too far away. So, let’s take a look at where you can head and what you can expect from each place.

Clevedon Marine Lake

A popular spot with casual and serious outdoor swimmers alike, Clevedon Marine Lake is a brilliant option for a cold water swim when the weather is heating up.

The tidal infinity pool is filled with seawater and is a picturesque spot with areas for families, children, and confident swimmers. Open almost every day of the year and with no need to book, it’s perhaps one of the easiest and safest options when it comes to outdoor swimming in Bristol.

The water quality is tested every two weeks and the website will offer you the rating so that you can see what it’s like and when it was last refreshed before you head on down. Perched overlooking the Bristol Channel, ​​it’s a safe place to play, swim, and boat and an important part of Clevedon’s community.

Clevedon Marine Lake is one of the most popular outdoor swimming spots in the area

Clifton Lido

Perhaps one of the most well-known outdoor swimming spots in Bristol, the Clifton Lido is a popular spot with both tourists, locals, and members, too. Despite it being a members club, you can also book to swim there as a non-member and a member of the public.

You can pre-book a two-hour session (swim, sauna, steam and hot tub) for £20 starting from 10 am, booking slots are open every hour until 3 pm (max of 4 people per time slot). This is now available 7 days a week.

The restored Victorian swimming pool is a beautiful spot to make the most out of ebeing able to safely swim in the fresh air of the outdoors.

Henleaze Swimming Lake

Henleaze Swimming Lake is a beautiful open-air swimming spot nestled amongst the greenery of Henleaze. In fact, since 1919 Henleaze Swimming Club in North Bristol has offered open water swimming, springboard or high diving in beautiful surroundings.

The lake and club is mostly run as a members-only facility, but there are ways and opportunities for the public to swim at times, too, although it must be done by prior arrangement. To find out how you can access, take a look at the information on their website.

Henleaze Swimming Lake is mostly ran as a members only spot, but you can access it in other ways so take a look at their website

Saltford Weir

Saltford is such a brilliant option for some wild summer swimming just outside of Bristol. Accessed via the Bristol to Bath cycle path, Saltford Weir is a beautiful and cooling spot. Parking is limited, but it can be accessed via a short car journey, too.

It’s important to note that it’s particularly deep in this part of the river, so with easy access points into the water, it’s brilliant for adults but perhaps less safe for those with children. There are plenty of grassy areas for picnics and more secluded spots if you’d rather shy away from the crowds in the heat.

Warleigh Weir

Another brilliant and popular weir swimming spot is Warleigh Weir, just over half an hour outside of Bristol. It’s an incredibly popular spot, and it’s not hard to see why, but on nice days it can get pretty heaving with the crowds.

Used for outdoor swimming for over 100 years, it’s a large site that is suitable for families, children, and adults and has loads of wide open water space for proper swimming or simple paddling.

As you can see, there is plenty of space for swimming at Warleigh

Portishead Open Air Swimming Pool

This 33-metre outdoor swimming pool is another brilliant option for people with children or people who want to feel safer than they might at a wild swimming spot.

You can book online for a swimming slot but it’s worth noting that they do run specific Busy Day Periods for heatwaves to ensure that it runs smoothly and comfortably for everyone.


Another beautiful wild swimming spot that is accessed just off the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path, Bitton is a great option for those who like to swim somewhere relaxed, in touch with nature and in the fresh air. It is a peaceful spot, as it is only accessed via bike or foot, as opposed to cars.

The water is deep and perfect for strong swimmers to cool down in, and access is via a small wooden pontoon. It’s worth noting that it can be quite difficult to get out, however, so make sure you are accompanied.